Self Application Kits


The Self Application Kit gives you the ability to change the look of your helmets as often as you would like at a fraction of the cost of the Professional Application. All the tools and instructions are provided with the kit to make applying your Game Day Skinz a breeze. There is also an exclusive support line for any issues you may run into while applying the wrap. The kit allows for an unlimited amount of uses, so the next time your team is ready for Game Day Skinz it is even less of a cost. Package discounts are also available for teams that like to change it up regularly.

Professional Application


This is an upgraded offering to the Self Application Kits for a more hands-off approach to receive your new look. After selecting a design and setting an application date, an application team will arrive with all the equipment and materials necessary to apply Dame Day Skinz to your team's helmets. Depending on the quantity of helmets, Professional Application should only take a few hours to a day. Once application is complete, the helmets are immediately ready to be reassembled and work in a game.

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