How long will the process take?

We operate on a set time basis. Once we process your order and payment, no matter how large or small, we will book your job into a set time slot, so you know exactly when it will be done. We will turn around most jobs in 48 hours, and with a range of postage options we can ensure the fastest of turnaround.

How does the helmet need to be delivered?

We ask for all helmets to have been stripped of all removable padding, buckles, face cages and clips. To ensure the fastest delivery to you, we need to work with a clean, bare helmet shell. We are not a reconditioning company, so will not repair any chips or damage. We reserve the right to charge an extra handling fee of £5 if we need to do any work preparing the helmet.

How durable is a vinyl wrap?

A vinyl wrap is incredibly durable and long lasting, and will last a player for the length of a season without any extra scratches or marks that you would expect from a standard paint job. Another advantage of a vinyl wrap is with each application you will also be sent a number of 'plasters' small, self-adhesive patches to cover any unsightly marks, something not possible with paint.

Does it cause any damage to the helmet?

Absolutely not! A wrap leaves no marks, residue or glue on the helmet shell, and causes no weakening, damage or adverse effects. Once the wrap is easily and quickly removed, you would never know it was ever applied.

Will you travel to our team?

Absolutely! For larger jobs we would recommend an on-site application. We would discuss with you our needs, but to ensure predictable costs, we charge a flat rate of 60 pence per mile, from which we will cover all incidental costs associated with our travel.

How and when do I pay?

=We accept card payment, PayPal or wire transfers. I'm sorry to say we don't accept cheque or cash or money orders via the postal service. Payments must be made in advance of work being carried out.

I want our team to have a new design but the club doesn't own all the lids, is that ok?

We understand the UK as well as anyone, so for team orders we will set a rate and any suitable discounts based on your team size and design required and then honour that for any player for a set period (usually a month). That way the club can bulk send what lids they own and then individual player can contact us and still benefit from the reduced rates.

Can you help us design our helmet?

Yes! With our full time design team in the US, we can help create any helmet design for your team and advise you on the best way forwards. If required, we can also help with traditional decals also.

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